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Services which attract Fees

Please find below a a list of fees for non-NHS services at Kennedy Way Surgery from 10 May 2019

Cheques to be made payable to "Kennedy Way Surgery"


Colour Blindness Test £45.00
Diving Medical £75.00
Elderly Driver/ Seat Belt Exemption £65.00
Employment Medical £75.00
Fostering/ Adoption Medicals £75.70
HGV Medicals £75.00
Racing Driver- Fit to Drive £140.00
Private Prescription (anti- malaria only) £15.00
Private Sick Note/ Medical Certificate £25.00
Blue Badge Forms £25.00
Fire Arm Certificate £75.00
Fit to Attend Gym or Exercise Class/ Fit to Travel £30.00
Holiday Cancellation Forms £40.00
Loan Protection Forms £25.00
Parachute Form £30.00
Passport Forms/ Driving Photocard Forms £30.00
Personal Accident Insurance Forms £40.00
PMA/ Ofsted Reports
PMA Further Information
Private Hospital Claim Forms £40.00
Travelling with Medication Forms £25.00
Letter to Whom it May Concern / Any Letter Minimum* - take £25 and contact no. *£25.00
Any letter regarding a patient’s employment (Occ Health) £75.00
Hepatitis B (£30.00 each/ £90.00 for course of 3 - dialysis patients exempt from charge) £30.00
Meningitis - ACWY £60.00
Vaccination Certificate £15.00
Rabies – Course of 3 - Not routinely given – price available on request * likely to be £150 To be advised
Rabies Booster – Not routinely given – price available on request * likely to be ~£50 To be advised
Blood Grouping  2 cheques one made payable to North Bristol Trust for *£31.63 and one made
payable to Kennedy Way Surgery for £23.75 * see CdG or phone NBT to check current price.
Duplicates of Sick Notes (for employer or insurance purposes) £15.00
Power of Attorney / Court of Protection £138.00
First Consult with a Doctor following a Road Traffic Accident £50.00
Lighter Life Diet £25.00
Photocopies (charged per sheet) 0.50p
Private injections (patient supplies vaccine) £30.00
Private Blood Tests 2 x Cheques one to Kennedy Way Surgery for £23.75 and one to North
Bristol Trust for the cost of lab fees per test (prices available on request as set by lab)
To be advised

Please Note - These charges exclude any laboratory charges incurred as a result of us taking a blood test.

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